24.07.2020. 05:25:00

Solutions for disinfection and sterilisation - Sterilsystems

An innovative environmentally friendly method that ensures the quality of production processes, chemical-free and energy saving. Sterilsystems GmbH has been providing effective solutions for air, water and surface disinfection for over 30 years. The reliability of these solutions lies in fast and decisive action, solving the needs of each individual customer and finding customized solut...

21.05.2020. 14:01:13

PURELIGHT - solutions for room sterilization

The time has come when we are forced to face one of the greatest challenges in history. In order to contribute to the prevention of infections, we are adopting new safety standards. In conditions of epidemic risk from coronavirus, almost all business activities suffer, so in order to lower absence during the flu season, we have adopted a solution that will help companies ensure the quali...

15.04.2020. 12:30:34

Lighting project of daycare center and center for arts and music

There are now dozens of scientific studies showing the effects of lighting on human biorhythms. To increase our psycho-physical well-being, artificial light should vary in a dynamic way just like natural light. However, few people know that designing a lighting scheme that doesn't disrupt biological rhythms is even more important for children. A 2018 study by the American Physiologi...

15.04.2020. 10:47:43

Exclusive restaurant lighting

There are hundreds of factors that influence a new restaurant’s success. Its interior design is perhaps the most important one to make it amazingly unique and different. In fact, the location’s atmosphere and style play a critical role in impressing customers. People looking for a great dining experience are also looking for a great visual one. To achieve this, the...

18.11.2019. 10:54:53

How light increases well-being at the workplace

The planning of offices and workspaces must take into account a fundamental guiding principle: A properly illuminated working environment increases the well-being of the people in it. Scientific research has provided strong evidence that the appropriate light improves concentration, it raises motivation, and the natural consequence is an increase in productivity. OLEV has developed speci...