The time has come when we are forced to face one of the greatest challenges in history. In order to contribute to the prevention of infections, we are adopting new safety standards. In conditions of epidemic risk from coronavirus, almost all business activities suffer, so in order to lower absence during the flu season, we have adopted a solution that will help companies ensure the quality of their service, their employees and their clients or users.

PURELIGHT LUG solutions based on UV-C technology use ultraviolet light to effectively reduce health risks and to remove harmful microorganisms. The space needs to be treated with light to sterilize it. UV-C luminaires are one of the most effective methods of air and surface disinfection. The proven effictiveness of the 253,7nm wavelength enables an effective disinfection effect. PURELIGHT solutions support your safety in any public space. We recommend using them wherever the quality of service is also related to safety - hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, food-processing and food industries, cosmetics industries, hotels, sanatoriums, restaurants, schools and other educational institutions , offices, factories, various service companies, gas stations, etc.

The effectiveness of UV-C technology still requires certain precautions, however PURELIGHT solutions greatly help and contribute to safety. Different solutions will enable users to sterilize the space according to their needs. We enable constant air disinfection or sterilization when the room is empty. For more information, our team of experts is at your disposal to help you choose the best configuration for your space.